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Image by Jack Sharp

Prayer Ministry

The prayer ministry at ICF is tailored towards getting more people, praying more. Not just for answers to prayer, but so those praying can see that the incredible transforming power of God is flowing through them–which can cause their relationship with God to grow. The prayer ministry motivates people to experience God; his voice, his love, his gifts, his healing, his power and his grace.  We believe that prayer connects us with God, it is life-changing. The importance of prayer is affirmed throughout the Bible. As a church, we are committed to praying for our members, community, the country and the world at large.

Here are a few ways you can get involved:

We have the SOS prayer team, a team dedicated to praying for the needs of people. We also have the Gideon prayer team where prayer requests are treated with utmost confidentiality and a team is dedicated to praying for specific prayer items. In case of any need for prayer or thanksgiving for answered prayer(s), contact the Team at, and please let us know the level of confidentiality for your request.

We have the 9.15am prayer meeting where a team prays for the service and other needs.  We have prayer cards with the ushers where we encourage people to write their prayer needs and those needs are being prayed for by the various prayer ministry teams.  

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