ChildRen's Ministry

ICF Sunday School is here to help our children to grow in their knowledge and faith of Jesus
Christ and to build them up by teaching biblical truths so that
they might get trained to live their lives for God’s Kingdom.

About our Sunday School:

  • 3-10 years old children are welcome due to COVID-19.

  • We have three different age groups:

                  Preschoolers – 3-5 years old (Room 107)
                  Grades 1-3 – 6-8 years old (Room 213)
                  Grades 4-5 – 9-10 years old (Room 215)

Sunday School is conducted on Sundays while Sunday worship goes on.

At first, children join worship with their parents, and later, they get dismissed for

Sunday School after the second song.

Children are led by their Sunday School teachers to the assembly point (between the
Gymnasium and the Auditorium) and then to the Music Room.

At the Music Room, we sing together and watch videos with short messages.
Afterwards, children are sent to their rooms, designated to each age group, with their

Children return to the assembly point with their teachers and are collected by their
parents from the assembly point right after worship.

Children should wear masks all the time during Sunday School and all
measures (wearing masks and keeping social distancing, etc.) are strictly observed.

If you are interested in serving children as a teacher/assistant at ICF Sunday School, please