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Discipleship Ministry

In Matt. 28:19-20, Jesus called us to make disciples and to teach them to be obedient to all that He taught. The discipleship ministry at ICF is therefore founded on this great commission. We seek to be a community of disciples that make disciples. We hope to achieve this through our Training Leaders for Christ (TLC) and Sunday Afternoon Leadership Training (SALT) Series. 

T.L.C. is a discipleship program designed to meet the spiritual needs of the people and train them in the understanding of God’s word and its application to their lives and thus, strengthening their spiritual walk with God. This is done through small groups intensive Bible study, which focus on developing meaningful quiet time, prayer, scripture memorization, witnessing through personal testimonies, doctrines, fellowship, and evangelism by sharing the gospel. 

It is a four-level discipleship journey that consists of a ten-week class for each level. Participants, after completion of level 2, are encouraged to start their own T.L.C. groups thus ensuring multiplication of disciples. 

S.A.L.T. is a place where you can connect with others in a smaller setting and be discipled. It is a 5-Sundays sessions throughout the year, happening after church from11:30-12:30. There are adult discipleship classes as well as youth class and children’s class, led by different members of the Pastoral staff on various topics from Scripture.

You are welcome to join us for this spiritually rewarding journey and fellowship time. 

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